Pcounter - Cost Efficiency You Can Count on

Are you aware of how much your organisation spends on document output?
Do you know which users or departments generate what print and copy volumes? Or do you feel that you are losing track of monthly volumes and that money could be saved with a more efficient cost control?

In times of tight budgets most companies need to keep the cost for document production in check. With intelligent document accounting you hold the key to identification and allocation of print and copy volumes. The Pcounter software suite will do more than just track and manage print and copy jobs:

this powerful network based accounting solution provides your company with a comprehensive output management policy and will soon help you save money.

It’s that simple to be efficient.


  • Simple server software, ready installed in 30 minutes!
  • Efficient quota management features and versatile cost recovery options
  • Easy assignment of print & copy credit to user groups or individuals
  • Flexible cost/credit schedules: per day, week or month
  • Payment features include cash collection, charge card options, and online accounts for regular users
  • Convenient client billing via pop-up feature for charge or client codes: Easy to charge back costs!
  • Various load balancing features to keep the output infrastracture as productive as possible.


  • Full control over your output costs
  • Raised productivity thanks to various load balancing options
  • Perfect for charging and non-charging environments
  • Scalable design and versatile accounting functions for full budgetary control